Real Results

Since the inception of Currow Weeks, we have had tremendous success helping newspapers across the country produce significant revenue with both our FrontPage Billboards and Print & Deliver programs. We have highlighted one of our many success stories in the Hartford Courant market visits.

Hartford CourantCase Study

Revenue Results

($ thousands)
  • First Visit
  • Second Visit

Our revenues were 154% over the previous year!

Revenue Per New Contract Results

($ thousands)
  • First Visit
  • Second Visit

We doubled our revenue per contract year over year!

Sample Frontpage Billboards

First Market Visit 

In April 2015, CW&A partnered with the Hartford Courant, a newspaper of approximately 150,000 daily, and 179,000 Sunday, in Hartford, Connecticut, to execute a very successful Focused Sales Event.

The weeklong event produced $402,676, and 57 new contracts, with an average value of $7,065. The sales package combined Front-page Post-it Notes, digital advertising, and value-added ROP advertising.  

The value-added ROP was based on the frequency rate purchased by the business.  A 12-time frequency rate had a certain amount of value-added ROP as part of the package, while a 24-time rate had a greater ROP value.  

Small market businesses (SMBs) generally think that they cannot afford newspaper ROP advertising.  A front-page Post-it Note, accompanied by a digital ad on the newspaper’s website, and ROP advertising makes for a powerful, and compelling package that gets good results for SMB’s.  And, it helps the newspaper to demonstrate the utility, value and cost-effectiveness of ROP advertising.

Second Market Visit

A year later, in April 2016, CW&A again collaborated with the Advertising team at the Hartford Courant, to do another event involving Front-Page Post-it Notes, digital advertising, and value-added ROP.  This event produced a 52% increase in advertising revenue versus the previous year.   The 2016 event produced $621,604, and 46 new contracts, with an average value of $13,794.

The Familiarity Factor

What made the difference year-over-year?  CW&A was familiar with the market, had gotten to know the sales staff, and management, and everyone knew what to expect, and what to do to make the event an even bigger success.  The sales staff made lots of appointments with non-advertisers, which is one of the keys to a very successful sales event, and everyone, from the VP Advertising down through the entire advertising division, was fully engaged in the program and dedicated to exceeding their sales goals.

Experiential Sales Training

Sales Reps received valuable, on-the-job, “experiential” sales training on presentation skills, overcoming objections, asking for the order, and closing sales while riding with Currow Weeks Account Directors.

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