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Newspapers offer the power of glossy, full-color advertising, and the flexibility for advertisers of all sizes, to target their customers with Print & Deliver Programs.  Print and deliver Inserts are a very cost-effective distribution channel that enables an advertiser to direct advertising messages to those most likely to buy the products and services they are offering.

Currow Weeks & Associates, Inc. conducts highly focused sales events centered on the sale of P&D Inserts, in the same way as we do our very successful Frontpage Billboard Programs.  Many clients do both a Frontpage Billboard sales event, and a P&D Event at least once a year.

Our P&D sales events are one-week in duration and can produce hundreds of thousands in new revenue and new active accounts, without inventory limitations, and make your P&D program more robust and profitable. By packaging P&D inserts with banner ads on your website you expand your advertiser’s reach.

Revenue per Circulation
($ thousands)
  • Focused Sales Event Revenue
Millions in Revenue!
Chart shows real results. Your results could be even greater than what’s shown!

Business Strategy

Our Team Works with your management to plan a successful one week focused sales event selling Print and Deliver inserts.

  • Schedule Date for the sales event
  • We develop a sales presentation and sales collateral to use during our event
  • Our team visits your market for a one week ENERGETIC, FUN focused sales event

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