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Currow Weeks specializes in maximizing sales of print and digital Frontpage Billboard inventories for newspapers. We find that most newspaper sales staffs have many products to sell and literally not enough time to sell them all. CW&A takes Frontpage Billboards and Print and Deliver inserts off of their plates which gives them time to sell their other products. It’s a win-win!

Digital Frontpage BillboardsWe combine digital media with your exclusive and powerful print products to create an exclusive media offering that no competitor can duplicate in your market.

To expand every frontpage billboard’s audience reach, our package includes
a note on the front of your newspaper website.


Our ability to integrate every sticky note with facebook
is a key selling point of our program!



Revenue per Circulation

($ thousands)
  • Frontpage Billboard Revenue
Millions in Revenue!
Chart shows real results. Your results could be even greater than what’s shown!

Business planning & strategy

Our Team Works with your management to plan a successful one week focused sales event selling Frontpage Billboards.

  • Schedule Date for the sales event
  • Work with team to set rates, choose vendor, configure zones (if applicable) and create sales strategies
  • We develop a sales presentation and sales collateral to use during our event
  • Our team visits your market for a one week ENERGETIC and FUN focused sales event

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