One Million Dollars.

One Week.

In One Week, CW&A can generate $250,000 to OVER $1 Million in ad revenues with signed annual contracts!

The Currow Weeks Team is extremely successful in developing new revenues for newspapers. Our Focused Sales Events involve putting intense concentration on the sale of a single product for one-week.

Our strategy involves the creation of a clear, visual definition of the product being sold, and we construct a fun, collaborative, and most importantly, productive sales atmosphere for the week.

Our events involve four-legged, appointment-driven sales presentations made to prospective advertisers by Currow Weeks’ Account Executives accompanied by a newspaper’s sales representative.

These sales presentations are what we call “Experiential Selling”, because the newspaper sales representative is receiving “on the job” selling and coaching in a real, live sales environment. The Currow Weeks Team does most of the work in planning, organizing, implementing, and orchestrating the focused sales event.

Five Point Process

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