Company History

Currow Weeks and Associates began in 2011 as a newspaper consulting firm providing everything from revenue development plans to recruitment services.  After a couple years, the company realized that the main challenge facing newspapers was revenue development.  We now solely focus on developing digital and print revenue for newspapers and newspaper groups.

  • 2011

    Our First Days

    In the beginning we were a full service consulting firm for newspapers. Our specialties included:
    * Executive Recruitment & Assessment
    * Advertising Operational Reviews
    * Sales Team & Management Assessments
    * Sales Training
    * Revenue Development

  • 2012

    Focus Shift

    In 2012, we shifted our primary focus to revenue development. The main challenge facing newspapers is quite simply developing new revenue. We realized that is where we could add the most value to make the biggest impact. In addition, we realized that the experiential sales training we could provide in conjunction with our focused sales teams is exactly what most sales teams need.

  • 2016

    Approaching 30+ Million Dollars and Counting

    To date we have generated close to $30 MILLION to the newspapers we serve. And no, $30 MILLION is not a typo!

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